Friday, 27 January 2012

One bet to rule them all!

It all started as a bet for vodka.

Hi, my name is Greg. I'm a third year political sciences student studying at SFU, I run a small business with my business partner, run two clubs up at SFU, the vocal jazz group and the debate society. I coach my university's debate team, a high school team off campus, and tutor countless other debate students. But enough about me, for now.

I'm hoping to get people of all ages and audiences to read this. Ideally people who care about their weight, and struggle the same way I have and do. It's a constant battle. I'm 6"4', very tall, and also about 300 pounds.

That’s pretty heavy. To those who know me, and are reading this, they will probably be surprised that I am that heavy. I hide it well, but also have a lot of dense muscle - I am very strong. I say that not to brag, but in all honesty. I work out a bit, but mostly lifting weights and building muscle.

But all that changed a couple weeks ago.

I was out with my girlfriend and one of our mutual friends for dinner, at a sushi joint. After the meal we were chilling in my girlfriends car with her, and got to the topic of our weight. Neither me nor unnamed person A were happy with out weights, and wanted to lose some. And thus the bet was born. I had to lose 50 pounds by May 1st, and mysterious person A had to lose 7 by May 1st. She is fairly skinny and small, so in relativity, we are losing similar amounts of weight to our body masses. Long story short, the person who accomplishes their goal gets a Texas Mickey of Grey Goose - a giant bottle of expensive vodka.

Weight loss is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Finally got around to dealing with it. Its a serious issue that has massive health repercussions, with huge medical issues focusing on the heart, diabetes, and even mental health, such as depression. It can greatly limit a person, both physically and even impair them mentally, depending on the extent of their weight issues. Mine have been more severe in the past, but I need to tackle them. I’m starting down that road now.

This blog will have things like cool little exercise tips, healthy food options, updates on my weight progress, the debunking of some myths abut healthy weights, an issue of major controversy (to be determined), and finally a research article explained.

Tl;dr, I`m big. I want to lose weight. This blog will tell you about how I`m doing that, and a few other things along the way. Join my journey!

Thanks for reading. See you soon!