Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Basil Metawhosiwatsit?

So first of all, I'm confused today.

Yesterday I wasn't hungry all day, so I didn't eat very much at all. I had a grapefruit, some hummus and flatbread chips, some healthy stir fry by Mum that night, and some tofu. Also a couple things of tea, and I worked out.

What I don't understand is that I gained weight. WTF body.

There's no way I took in over 500+ calories yesterday. Even if I did, my BMR - I know, not the basil Metawhosiwatsit, but rather my Basal Metabolic Rate, is really high.

The BMR is the rate that your metabolism passively burns calories without you doing additional work to prod and push it to burn more (aka cardio).I calculated mine at two different websites, within 5% of each other the results were the same. To see what your BMR is, Click Here!. Mine on this site was 2666.3 calories, assuming being in bed all day.

So following my math correctly, I burned 2666.3 (BMR) + 500 (Workout) = 3166.3 calories burned. Not including the fact that I wasn't in bed all day yesterday, but was in fact tutoring, singing, walking, etc. But first thing this morning, when I weighed myself, I was 285. WTF BODY.

Can someone explain to me exactly how, when I have that many burned calories, that little intake of calories, how I could possibly have GAINED weight overnight. I don't understand, but damn I want to know.

Thanks for listening to my rant :)

Also, my veganism ended today. I haven't decided if it really has or hasn't yet though - I'm a thinking.

Giant Greg Out.

Update: Had a 45 minute bike workout, 900 calories down dem tubes. Yeah!


  1. Hey Greg,
    I might not be super valuable, no real background in nutrition, but I think I have heard something about "water weight". It's the idea that depending on how much salt, sugar, and other nutrients you have in your body, it will retain more or less water. Especially because we get a lot of our water from food, it may be that your body was conserving water because you hadn't eaten much. I think this "water weight" can fluctuate plus or minus a few pounds, but I really don't know how it works and my above comment is just a guess. :) I would say don't worry about it as much day-to-day, but over a week the net loss will probably be visible.

    1. I was just talking to my Dad, and he said the same thing. I think you and my Dad are exactly right - weighing myself daily and comparing is not altogether good or healthy for me. I'm gonna start doing it weekly instead. Thanks for the input!