Thursday, 9 February 2012


I figured it out!

My problem is portion control!

During my vegan week, I felt pretty awesome (yes, it`s over, and no, I don`t think I`m going back to it full time. Maybe a week a month or something)

The point is, during that week, I ate as much as I wanted, didn't feel guilty about anything. Problem is, I just came back from the SFU food court, trying to find healthy food. Got some noodles and such. They weren't horrible, but the amount of food I got was excessive. And then, of course, being me, I ate it all.

I was hungry! I hadn't eaten today! I had no time to prepare a lunch! 

All bad excuses. I shouldn't have eaten it, or at least so much of it. SIGH. Gonna have a long workout tonight, maybe an hour on the bike once I get home (at 10 PM...).

Here's a picture that inspired me, on the side. 

Ahh, General Ackbar - you never fail to make me laugh!

Thanks for reading guys.

Check out this video - it's funny!

Giant Greg Out.

Update: Had a workout tonight. 760 calories, 45 minutes on bike. WOOHOO!


  1. Sounds like your goal is getting a lot closer! I'm trying to lose some holiday weight myself, what's your workout plan? Share some secrets man!

    1. Hope me new post helps, has lots of my 'workout' secrets!