Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hey all!

My play on words for my title was so bad this week... I want to apologize. But what's written cannot be unwritten!

I have been lacking in terms of my postings, because I went to Tofino with my family! See my sister's blog Em's Blog! for a full explanation of our time there.

But then I got back from Tofino, and was scared to weigh myself. We ate a lot in Tofino, and I was worried that I had gained. BUT I LOST!

I am now 281, and feeling great! Lighter than I have been in a couple years, and singing like a beast, working out etc. I love it.

My drink of choice
So I gave myself a treat. I went to Whistler with some friends for a night! Partied it up, drank (alot) and had a blast!

Anyways, the play on words is actually relevant! When I was waiting for the greyhound, I actually had a girl check me out, for the first time in ever! Caught her staring at me twice - felt really good about myself after that.

So there are noticeable differences! It's cool. I will post a picture of me in the near future - show the difference!

Giant Greg Out

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