Sunday, 5 February 2012


Today and yesterday were interesting days.

Last night I made my first foray into the world of vegan restaurants, and it was awesome!

My girlfriend planned a date for us, since she wanted to support me in my cleanse, and its been a while since we were able to spend some substantial time together, so we went to a restaurant in Kits, called Naam. It's this sweet little place, that has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free menu's and best of all, it's open 24 hours a day! Perfect place for my vegan taste buds : )

So we went in, and as soon as you walk in, you walk in - again. There are two doors to get in, and then there is a standing line to get a seat. There is live music, many small tables, and a ton of people, both working, and inside. It was pretty sweet.

Anyway, I ordered the Naam Burger Platter, since I was super hungry, hadn't had much to eat that day (aka, some juice, and an apple or two). It was a carrot based burger, on a whole wheat bun, with Dijon mustard, garlic aoili, sprouts, tomatoes, and lettuce. There was a side of sesame fries, with miso gravy, and a salad with a ton of avocado dressing. It was awesome. I couldn't even finish the salad because I was so full! It was soooo goood. Definitely going back there! (Click Here! )

Then my girlfriend and I went down to the beach nearby, walked and talked for a while. Very sweet <3

Today tested my resolve. I was running a debate tournament at my old high school. For those who know about debate, it essentially means gratuitous amounts of free pizza and cookies, and generally unhealthy food. I was also then put in charge of dealing with the food... so hard to stand behind a ton of pizza, and not eat any of it. I did it though! Had like 5 apples during the tourney, and a ton of water, so I survived. Then my debaters did really well at the tourney, and they took me out to White Spot for dinner. Not many vegan options there.

I had to get the Portobello Provolone Burger, and held the cheese, the patty, the mayo, and the colesaw. They added extra portobello mushrooms which made it ok, and gave me a discount which was cool. Awesome server.

After I finally made it home on my bike (Oh - didn't I mention I biked everywhere today?)  I was surprised by my wonderful vegan sister (Click Here!) She's awesome, and her blog has some amazing food recipes. If only I had time to make them : ( Good thing I get to try some of hers!

Anyways, today was a good day. Ate some awesome food, loved it, and am gonna work out tomorrow again, since I have some time. Off to sleep for now though, I'm exhausted! Thanks for reading.

Giant Greg Out.

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