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A Pill a Day Brings the Doctor to Stay.

Blog – Incorrect facts

This week for my class, I had to find a website that had ridiculous facts or errors about my topic, which is healthy weight/weight loss. I found this page

Right off the bat, I want to say this is ridiculous. There is no such thing as a pill that will make you lose weight like this. If such a thing existed, then we would all take them. We wouldn't have to worry about food.


Alright. So let's go through the pills one by one.

Adapexin - Hungry? Not anymore!
Starting with Adapexin-P. This is an appetite suppressant mainly, that limits your body’s ability to feel hunger, to make you lose weight. The problem with this, is that to lose weight, you can stop eating sure. But that won't get you to a healthy weight. Rather, this will cause your body to go into 'starvation mode' eating all of your lean muscle, because it believes that it is starving. So yes, this pill will make you lose weight, but in such a way that it is incredibly unhealthy. (Department of Health, 2008)

Phenphedrine - It'll give ya the munchies

Phenphendrine (That sounds like a bad pokemon name ;) ). This one is similar to the previous, but has one additional side effect, which is probably why the website argues that it is their highest order/re-ordered product – it gets you high! The previous pill was mainly an appetite suppressant, with the goal being to simply lose weight, pretty much ignoring how the individual feels. This one imitates the feeling that you get when you work out, with a rush of endorphins, causing you to feel good. This one is not only a bad way to lose weight, for the same reasons as #1, but in addition, could potentially be addictive!

Examples of patented ingredients of DecaSlim
Deca slim – This one I can't actually find much issue with. It seems to simply be a concentrate of 10 superfoods – blueberries, nuts, broccoli, red wine extract, green tea, safflower oil, tomatoes, dietary fiber, spinach, garlic, and flaxseed – which seem harmless. The issue that this pill has in particular, is that almost all of these foods and the extracts used in this pill are patented, and produced by large corporations. That is an issue. That, and that if you just ate the bloody foods themselves, you would benefit even more – whole foods are 100% better than the concentrate or extract - so says James Duke, a retired US Department of Agriculture botanist, who studied the differences between supplements and the whole food version of them. (Duke, 2008)

Anoterix – kind of sounds like a dinosaur. And that's exactly what it is. An outdated conception on how to lose weight and the body. Again, this one focuses on the idea of losing weight as a whole, not targeting fat, and not a healthy weight, focusing on starving yourself to lose that weight. The bottom line to learn from this is, is that losing fat and getting to a healthy weight is not pain free. That this is only a solution if you don't care about your health, but just a number on a scale.

To be honest, it's not even worth listing the rest of the pills on this page. The rest all do the same thing. They take away your appetite, so that you don't eat, and have side effects like restlessness, frequent urination, caffeine sensitivity, and jitteriness. These are not worth what you lose – since what you lose is not what you aim to.

The pills do what they promise to. You will lose weight.

The key word here is lose.

You lose self-esteem. You lose appetite. You lose energy. You lose muscle.

You lose weight, but at a steep cost.

Not worth it. Hard work is the simple solution to losing weight. It's no secret that continuous aerobic fitness over time will lead to fat burning, and getting you back to a healthy weight. It's not easy, but it is guaranteed.

That's it for today.

Giant Greg Out.

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