Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The End of Days.

For me at least. My veganism ends tomorrow!

However, I think I have had a change of heart. Originally, I was only going vegan for a week. But I think that has changed. I'm going on a family trip to Tofino shortly, and to eat vegan there is very difficult and pricey. So I think that for the time I am in Tofino, I will eat whatever the rest of the family is eating (except my sister, she will still be vegan), and when I come back, shall reassess the situation.

Though I am leaning heavily towards veganism if not vegetarianism.

I like what it does for me. I have lost significant amounts of weight, feel like I have more energy, am happier, and my workouts feel better. Less arduous.

That being said, I am up a pound today >.<

Foolish Greg! Damn that hummus sitting there in the fridge with those tortilla chips nearby! They were so tempting at 11 o'clock last night - irresistibly so. I ate a bunch of it, and before I knew it, was out of chips. That's where the pound came from, SIGH. Oh well. I have another day of loss before a return to normal and maintaining!

Also, for those interested, these are two of the single most creative and talented guys I have ever seen on Youtube - check them out. They are incredible! The Piano Guys . A friend told me about them, and I am going crazy for them.

So far today, I had a grapefruit, some hummus and flatbread chips (so irresistible!) and a few glasses of water.

On the note of my family vacation coming up - I am looking for some music that my family would enjoy. They enjoy almost all kinds of music, but with minimal swearing, and ideally something I can torrent, since I don't have much money. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in a comment below! Thanks all.

That's all for today!

Giant Greg Out.

Update: Long day so far! Waiting at Starbucks for my debate executives to arrive so that I can plan the last details of the tournament I'm running this weekend. Awesome! Also, had a workout - 500+ calories, half hour on the bike! Didn't have much time today between tutoring, vocal jazz, midterms, papers, job hunt, Ututor, and debate. Oh well!

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  1. Wow that's awesome, Greg! Finally you're seeing what I've been saying is true =)Plants are superior.